Without mental wellness, a person’s ability to meet day-to-day demands and face the stressful challenges of life is greatly compromised. Additionally, one’s ability to identify and pursue his/her passions, both personally and professionally, is diminished. Most importantly, mental illnesses such as mood disorders (like bipolar and depression) and anxiety disorders (like generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder ) can be a source of unnecessary suffering as these conditions are, indeed, treatable.

Dr. Vinson takes a bio-psycho-social approach in the diagnosis and care of patients - meaning that she endeavors to understand environmental, psychological, and biological factors that are at play in a person’s life, and then works with each individual to develop tailored multi-pronged approaches for treatment. She is also able to offer genetic testing to patients interested in having their genetic profile inform psychopharmacological interventions. Treatment plans may include components such as individual therapy,  family therapy and/or psychopharmacology (treatment with psychiatric medications).  Dr. Vinson completed her general/adult psychiatry training at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School and is board certified in General/Adult Psychiatry.

To schedule an appointment, please contact officemanager@LorioPsychGroup.com or or call 404-249-9520 ext. 1.  Initial assessments are two hours long. The practice does not bill insurance, but does provide patients with the documentation needed to apply for reimbursement through out-of-network insurance benefits.