Speaking and Education

Dr. Sarah Y. Vinson is passionate about discussing mental health and wellness. She has a broad range of public speaking experiences including community events such as collaborations with mental health advocacy organizations; national medical conferences such as the American Psychiatric Association and School Based Health Alliance meetings; local media such as PBS Atlanta, 11 Alive and Atlanta NPR; and national platforms such as the National Urban League Conference and the Roland Martin Radio Show. With her highly diverse clinical experiences and training in child & adolescent, adult and forensic psychiatry,  she is able to discuss a broad range of topics.  Prior speaking engagements have addressed subjects such as  trauma-informed care, risk and resilience in attorneys, ethical and social justice issues in children's mental health, mental health considerations  in the incarcerated, and cultural psychiatry, with expertise in black populations.  Dr. Vinson is able to use her expertise to craft and deliver informative, practical content that falls outside of the realm of traditional psychiatry as well.  Such topics have included ABCs of Back to School, Women and Money, and Psychological Aspects of Breast Cancer Screening and Depression and Alcoholism in Attorney.

A gifted educator, Dr. Vinson oversees five unique educational experiences in her roles as a faculty member with dual appointments at Morehouse School of Medicine and Emory School of Medicine. She has received teaching awards the past three consecutive years. As someone who has an ability to effectively communicate about mental health and well-being to broader audiences, she has developed curricula as a consultant for agencies such as the National of Alliance for Mental Illness, Georgia Chapter, the Satcher Health Leadership Institute and the Carter Center. Additionally, Dr. Vinson is the Founder and Executive Editor of the culturally tailored psycho-educational website OurselvesBlack.com.

Public speaking and education formats include but are not limited to the following:

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Workshops and Work Retreats

  • Professional Conferences

  • Public Educational Events

  • Curriculum Development

pediatric integrated & collaborative care Consultation

Dr. Vinson knows that collaboration and integrated care are indispensable tools in the effort to address pediatric mental health disparities. Her work in this area has earned her a secondary faculty appointment in the Department of Pediatrics at Morehouse School of Medicine, where she created a well-reviewed mini-rotation in child and adolescent psychiatry for pediatrics interns. She also has numerous practical integrated care experiences. Her 7+ years of experience in treating Georgia's children in a variety of settings coupled with her robust professional network provide a strong command of the children's mental health system and services. Notably, she is the Co-Editor of Pediatric Mental Health for Primary Care Providers: A Clinician’s Guide, a text published by Springer, a leader in medical publishing.

Pediatric integrated & collaborative care consultation formats include but are not limited to the following:

  • Needs Assessment Surveys and Summaries

  • Integrated Care Program, Policy and Procedure Development

  • Mental Health Screening Measure Selection and Procedure Development

  • Mental Health Treatment Algorithm Development

  • Mental Health Lectures and/or Case Conferences for Primary Care Providers

  • Consultation to Primary Care Providers

  • EMR Template Development for Mental Health Visits

  • Supervision of Nurse Practitioners

  • Mental Health Community Partnership Facilitation

  • Integrated Care Mental Health Patient Intake and Follow-up Resource Consolidation

Contact - DrVinson@LorioPsychGroup.com